My Dedrick family is on my mother’s side (Helen Elizabeth Skillman Hall, she went by Elizabeth).  Her mother was Fannie Ruth Dedrick Skillman.  Some of this information I learned from my mother, other from research, and some from Dorothy J. Welcher Filkins, ggranddaughter of Henry H. Dedrick.  She has done extensive research on the Dedrick and Balsley families.  You can contact her at [email protected] for additional facts and information.
As our ancestors arrived in America, their names were recorded and written the way they sounded and not necessarily the way they were actually spelled.  Dedrick is the respelling of North German Dedrich, a variant of Dietrich, and sometimes spelled Dietrick, Detrick, Diederich, Deadrick, etc.  The name is spelled various ways, even by members of the same family branch (as evidenced on the gravestone of my ggrandparents  in Virginia.)  The prefix “ded,” “did,” “died,” “diot,” or “dead,” means people, nation, or folk while the ending “reich” means realm.
I.  Johannes Peter Dietrich (Perter Sr. or Peter I), b. June 14, 1740, in Germany (parents unknown); d. May 21, 1832, in Posey Twp, Harrison County, Indiana; buried in the “Old Detrick Burying Ground,” Elizabeth, Indiana; m. Margaret Kister; b. 1750 in Germany; d. 1833 in Harrison Co., Indiana; he moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania to Virginia to Indiana; served in the Revolutionary War as a corporal in the 10th VA Regiment of Foot, Colonial Militia.  Johannes usually went by Peter.)  Staunton, VA, public records dated 1817 show him deeded to Christian Road, 165 acres along Naked Creek near Staunton in Augusta Co. north of Weyers Cave, VA.  Sometime later he and Margaret moved to Indiana.  Deed Book C. p48, Harrison Co. Court House, Corydon, IN, has the following entry:  John Saffer and wife, Rebecca, conveyed February 11, 1819, to Peter Deatrick of Harrison Co., IN, the SW quarter of Section 5, Range 5 East, Twp 5 south of Base Line; also NW Quarter of Section 8, for $1100.  Peter’s will is in Will Book C, p 470, of Harrison Co., IN, dated May 10, 1830. His son-in-law, Henry Turner, was executor.  Children:
1.  William Philip  (see generation II below)
2. Peter, II, b. abt. 1777 in Augusta Co., VA; d. abt. 1863 in Harrison Co., IN
3.  John Jacob, b. 2/5/1787 in Rockingham Co., VA; d. 3/6/1835
4.  Elizabeth, b. abt. 1790 in VA; d. aft 1830 in IN                   5.  Susannah, b. abt 1793 in VA; d. 2/26/1878 in New Orleans, LA
6.  Margaret (Mary), b. abt 1796 in VA; d. between 1870-1880 in Harrison Co., IN
7.  Jacob, b. abt 1798 in VA; d. aft 1880 in OH
8.  Sarah, b. abt 1800 in VA; d. 9/4/1882 in Harrison Co., IN
9.  Abraham, b. abt 1801 in Augusta Co., VA; d. abt. 1860 in Harrison Co., IN
10.  Henry, b. abt 1801 in VA; d. before 1864 in Harrison Co., IN

II.  William Philip Deatrick (1. Johannas Peter Dietrich), b. 2/14/1765 in Maryland; moved to PA then to Rockingham Co., VA, in 1785; d. 3/7/1871 in Harrison Co. IN, at the age of 106; buried in Perseverance Chapel Cemetery; often referred to as Philip;                m. (1) Susannah Bowyer on 8/11/1801 in Augusta Co., VA.  They lived in Stuarts Draft, VA, and later moved to Rockingham Co. VA.  William married (2) Hannah Wiseman 12/14/1854.  In October, 1855, they moved to Indiana near Corydon, Harrison Co., where several of their children had already settled.  His funeral sermon was preached at Perseverance Chapel by Rev. J. M. Goldman of the United Brethren Church.  His will was dated 4/13/1867, proved in court in Harrison Co., IN, 3/18/1871.  Executor, John Deatrick.
1.  Margaret (Peggy), b. 11/23/1803 in Augusta Co., VA; d. unknown
2.  Sarah (Sally) (twin), b. 1805 in Rockingham Co., VA; d. in Harrison Co., IN, possibly after 1867.
3.  Mary Pollyanna (Polly) (twin), b. 1805 in Rockingham Co., VA; d. 1/9/1890 in Harrison Co., IN
4.  Jacob, b. 4/18/1806 in Augusta Co., VA; d. unknown
5.  Henry H. Dedrick (see generation III below)
6.  John, b. 3/3/1809 in Augusta Co., VA; d. 10/30/1877 in Harrison C., IN
7.  Calle Belle, (possible a twin), b. 11/22/1811; d. unknown
8.  Catherine, b. 1/21/1813 in Augusta Co., VA; d. 8/23/1883 in Harrison Co., IN
9.  Barbara, b. 7/10/1814 in Augusta Co., VA; d. abt 1844 in Harrison Co., IN
III.  Henry H. Detrick (1. Johannas Peter Dietrich, 2. William Philip Deatrick), b. 5/2/1807 in Augusta Co., VA; d. 4/23/1878; m. Elizabeth Waggoner 1/1/1828 in Rockingham Co., VA, b. 6/25/1805 , d. 7/9/1875; she was the d/o Jacob Waggoner.  Henry owned 18 acres of land 0ne-half mile south of Sherando, VA, on the north side of Mill Creek.  In 1850 the value of Henry’s real estate was $1000.  They are both buried in the Sherando Methodist Church Cemetery in Sherando, VA.                                                            Children:                                                                                                                                             1.  William Franklin, b. 2/25/1828 in Shenandoah Co., VA; d. 10/1/1903 in          Rockingham Co., VA                                                                                                                         2.  John Jackson, b. 1/16/1830 in Rockingham Co., VA; d. 2/22/1905 in Kansas City, MO                                                                                        3.  George Harvey, b. 3/16/1831 in Rockingham Co., VA; d. 4/15/1913, moved to Kansas; George served in the Civil War as a private in the 7th VA Calvary, Co I; there are court records for his Application of Soldier for Disability dated 1905.                                                               4.  Elizabeth Everline, b. 1/4/1833; d. 10/29/1903; buried in Sherando Methodist Church Cemetery, Sherando, VA                                                                                                                  5.  Jacob Morgan, b. 4/13/1834; d. aft 1920 in Rockbridge Co., VA                                         6.  Henry Hyden (see generation  IV below)                                                                                7.  James M., b. 6/19/1837; d. 4/28/1912 in Rockbrige, VA; buried in Sherando Methodist Church Cemetery
IV.  Henry Hyden Dedrick (1. Johannes Peter Dietrich, 2. William Phillip Deatrick,          3. Henry H. Dedrick), b. 2/17/1836 in Rockingham Co., VA; d. 11/10/1921 in Augusta Co., VA; m. Marry Elizabeth Ann Balsley on 4/26/1860 by Rev. B. H. Smith; she was                b. 3/2/1840; d. 4/25/1925; d/o Elijah Balsley (b. 1804) and Nancy Offlighter                     b. 5/1/1816; they lived on the south side of Howardsville Turnpike and Mill Creek Road, Sherando, VA; both buried in the Sherando Methodist Church Cemetery, Sherando, VA, down the road from where they lived.  Note: Henry was described as 5’8″, having a dark complexion and blue eyes and dark hair.  He was a farmer in Rockingham County until he enlisted as a Sergeant with the Confederate States Army, Company B, 52nd VA Regiment in the American Civil War on July 15, 1861, at Waynesboro, VA.  He was wounded on June 8, 1862, at Cross Keys, VA; wounded again on June 27, 1862, at Gaines Mill, VA.  He was AWOL on July 18, 1862.  He returned on April 19, 1863.  He deserted to the enemy on October 24, 1863, at Clarksburg, WV.  He took the Oath of Allegiance                           on October 30, 1863, and was sent north.  After the war, he returned to Virginia and was a farmer in Augusta Co. until his death.  There are 28 letters in the Virginia Military Archives and in the University of Virginia library sent between Henry, his wife Mary Elizabeth, and other family during his time in the American Civil War.  You can find copies on the internet at…. papers/documents/augusta/p2dedrickletters.html                                                      Children:                                                                                                                                               1.  William (Willie) Harvey Dedrick, b. 2/1861 in Rockingham Co., VA; d. 4/16/1942; buried in Albermarle Co., near Scottsville, VA; m. Alice Claire Mayo on 7/23/1882.         2.  Elijah D. Murch (or Merchant) Dedrick or Deadrick (see generation V below)                                   3.  Emma Viola Elizabeth Ann Dedrick, b. 8/28/1866 in Augusta Co., VA; died 2/15/1941;  buried in Sherando Methodist Church Cemetery; m. George F. Loving on 3/18/1896,      b. 1871, d. 1964.                                                                                                                                 4.  Hyden Henry Dedrick, b. 7/5/1868 in Augusta Co., VA; d. 1967 in Harrisonburg, VA; m. Abie (Aby) Dameron/Damron 7/5/1891, b. 3/1869, d. 1940.                                              5.  Jackson (Jack) Arthur Dedrick, b. 9/3/1871 in Augusta Co., VA; d. 1955; m. Abashma Dameron (twin to Abie) in Botetourt Co., VA, 10/5/1892; b. 3/1869.                                    6.  Nancy Ada Ida Bell Dedrick, b. 5/28/1873 in Augusta Co., VA; m. (1) Daniel Wise Balsey, b. 1/6/1858; d. 9/28/1935 in Augusta Co., VA; m. (2) Joseph ‘Pap’ Hall,                 d. abt. 1972.                                                                                                                                        7.  Arthur James Dedrick (aka Uncle Buck), b. 3/17/1875; d. 2/23/1957 in Augusta Co., VA; m. Fannie Patterson, 3/8/1901; b. 1878; d. 1965 in Augusta Co., VA; both buried in the Sherando Methodist Church Cemetery in Sherando, VA; no children                             8.  Lillie Grey Dedrick, b. 8/8/1887; d. 11/18/1957; m. Rev. Joseph J. White 5/2/1920 in Sherando Chapel.  He was a minister from Long Island; no children.                                     9.  John Jacob Larew Dedrick, b. 6/9/1879 in Sherando, VA; d. 2/13/1955; m. Virginia (Jenny) Ann Thomas 10/19/1904; b. 1881 in VA; d. 9/22/1951.  On 12/9/1912 John bought 21 acres for the sum of $105 from Mary and John T. Baber.  This land was south of Howardsville Turnpike and east of the old Furnace Rd., Sherando, VA.  Both are buried in the Sherando Methodist Church Cemetery, Sherando, VA.                                                     10.  Lloyd Marcus Lee Dedrick, b. 12/11/1881; d. 1958; m. Mary Allean Bailey 5/13/1913 in Staunton, VA; b. 10/9/1882; d. 1955.
V.  Elijah D. Murch (Merchant) Dedrick (1. Johannes Peter Dietrich, 2. William Phillip Deatrick, 3. Henry H. Dedrick, 4. Henry Hyden Dedrick), b. 7/23/1863 in         Rockingham Co., VA; d. 12/3/1935; m. Nannie Elizabeth Taylor 11/13/1889 near Waynesboro, VA (d/o George W. Taylor); he is buried in Waynesboro Cemetery, VA.       1.  Elva E. Dedrick, b. 4/9/1891; m. Brownie W. Craig 5/14/1908 in Waynesboro, VA.       2.  Fannie Ruth Ann Dedrick, b. 12/27/1893; m. (1) Roy Skillman in Staunton, VA.,           d. in UV Hospital in Charlottsville, VA; m. (2) W. A. Atkins 3/1942 in Baltimore, MD.     3.  George M. Dedrick, b. 5/15/1895; m. (1) Mamie Willis 3/24/1918 in Fishersville, VA, d. 5/28/1924; m. (2) Nellie Brooks (1st cousin of Mamie Willis) 10/1/1925 in Waynesboro, VA.                                                                                                                              4.  Clyde L. Dedrick, b. 1/23/1987; d. 10/30/1905.                                                                      5.  Edna E. Dedrick, b. 5/7/1899; m. William L. Higgs 3/24/1918 in Waynesboro, VA.       6.  Bessie L. Dedrick, b. 2/27/1901; m. Hobart A. Ellinger 10/3/1916 in Hagerstown, MD. 7.  Gladys N. Dedrick, b. 8/25/1903; m. Hallie R. Lambert 9/23/1925 in Staunton, VA.    8.  Floyd H. Dedrick, b. 11/8/1905; m. Brista Drawbone 2/18/1927 in Hagerstown, MD.  9.  Amos Dedrick, b. 2/13/1916; m. Georgia Brooks
VI.  Fannie Ruth Ann Dedrick                                                                                                      See rest of family lineage under the Skillman genealogy.

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