b.ca.1587, Coventry,England
m.Place (Please)Farmer(her father was John Farmer);children William and John

William(2)Hall, (John(1)
b.ca. 1613 in London;d. 1675 in Portsmouth,RI;m.Mary Thomas;came to RI in 8/8/1638;

b.ca.1615(although one source gives 6/27/1609/10) in Warwickshire,England; d.ca.1665
(another source says 7/23/1696) in Portsmouth,RI: arrived in RI in 1638 at an island off RI
known as Aqueedunk; on 5/201638 appears in Newport (Aqidneck): granted land in Portsmouth
on 12/23/1644:sold the land 8/24/1646 to John Wilcox; Wife unknown: children:
James,n.ca 1635
Henry,b.ca 1637

Henry(3) HAll,(John(2),John(1))
b.ca.1637, Newport,RI (another source says Charlestown,MA):d.11/5/1705 in Westerly,RI;m.Honor Rogers(?),b.abt. 1636 in Westerly,d.aft 11/5/1705; on 9/17/1679,Henry took the oath of
allegiance in Newport; in 1687 he served on the grand jury, and in 1691 he was a deputy; he was
possibly a weaver as his on Henry’s occupation was listed as weaver, and his will shows he
owned a loom; on 1/19/1663/34 Richard Knight made in partnership with Henry the great
purchase of lands at Chippachog in Westerly (known then a Misquamicut)and at kingston from
the Indians; afterwards it was known as the Hall and Knight Purchase; on 9/28/1705 Henry’s will,
proved 11/5/1705, had son Edward as executor. “to wife, a third of all estate real and personal, at
her disposal, and son Edward to take care of her; to son Edward, a third of all land and movables;
to all children, a third of estate divided equally; to elders son Henry, 5 shillings; the children all to
take care of my wife, their aged mother; codicil gives to son Henry,half of certain tract of land;
his inventory lists 204 pounds, 4 shillings,viz. 15 sheep, 10 lambs, 2 oxen, 10 pigs,7 swine,
2mares, 35 loads of hay, 1 loom, 2 guns and cutlass, 5 cows, 2 calves, 6 horses, 4 mares, also 12
mares and horses, 4 colts, a pair of oxen, a bull,13 steers, 2 heifers, a warming pan. Children:
Henry,b.1658,d.11/1/1716/17,;m. Constant Maxson; children: Henry, James,John,Edward,
William,Elisha,Susanna,Elizabeth Button.Charity Cotrell,Lydia,Mary,Martha(m.Benjamin
Bramans b.4/3/1705 on 4/28/1729 possibly in Charlestown;His father was James Bramans of S.
Edward,b.1665,m.Mary Ball (will dated 8/16/1714)
James,b.possibly 1662 in New London,m.Sarah Babcock
John,b.1668,d.bef.7/4/1764,m.Elizabeth Ball
Honora(Honor)?,b.abt.1673,mJames Adams,Jr.
Elizabeth,b.abt.1676,m.Edward Larkin

b.ca. 1671,Westerly,Newport,Ri;baptized in 1704 in the Seventh Day Baptist Church;d.
4/29/1745(will dated 4/17/1734 son Benjamin executor), Westerly,RI;m.1691 to Sarah
Babcock,b.1677,also baptized in 1704,d.aft.1735, daughter of Job Babcock 1646-1718
(baptized in 1692 in the Seventh Day Baptist Church) and Jane Crandall,abt. 1653-1717; she was
the daughter of Rev/Elder John Crandall and Mary Opp; John Crandall came to Salem, MA in
1634/35 and moved to Providence with Roger Williams abt.1636; children:
Elizabeth Mackson (Maccoon),b.8/23/1699
James,b.9/17/1701,m.Rachel Maccoon
Joseph,b.7/8/1703,m.Susannah Shelley/Shelly

Joseph(5) Hall,(James(4),Henry(3),John(2),John(1),b.7/8/1703,Westerly;d. 12/5/1755,
Westerly;m.Susannah Shelley(y) d/o Benjamin and Jane Shelley; about 1716, after Jane was
widowed, she married Robert Burdic, deacon of the Seventh Day Baptist Church; Joseph was
willed the eastward part of his father’s homestead +80 acres in Westerly and lived there until his
death.Benjamin and Jane’s children: Sarah,m.William Worden; Jane,m.John Tanner; Benjamin;
Samuel;Mary,m.___Warren;Susannah,m.Joseph Hall.Children of Joseph and Susannah:
Ezekiah,b.1730 Hezekiah,b.1736,d.8/22/1789 in Stephentown,Rensselaer C.,NY,m.Dorcas
Perkman on 10/11/1759 Joseph,b.1732,m.Ysmxon Eilvon on 12/18/1758,d.Jamestown,
Newport Co.,RI Ebenezer,b.1734,m.Elizabeth Warren on 4/21/1754 at Newport Trinity Church
Benajah,b.abt.1738;Susannah b.1740.

Benajah(6)Hall,(Joseph(5),James(4),Henry(3),John(2),John(1),b.ca. 1738,Westerly;d.abt.
1810,Dutchess Co.,NY.Possibly married Ruth Warren sister of Elizabeth Warren who married
his brother Ebenezer; the Warren sisters mother was Mary Shelley, sister of Susannah Shelley;
there are many stories and family tradition that indicates that Benajah suffered from Alzheimer or
some other mental disorder; he probably lived with some of his children for much of his latter life;
a Benajah Hall is listed in the Federal Censuses of Dutchess Co.,NY, in 1800 and 1810, but there
is no way to tell if this were Benajah,Sr.or Jr.As far as we know,Benajah,Sr.had three children:
Benajah,Jr,b.1762,d.11/4/1840 in Niles,Cayuga Co.,NY; he married Sarah (Hepzabah) Brown
abt. 1781 in Windsor, Hartford,CT; she was the daughter of Ezra Brown and Chole Hoskins;she was b.3/29/1961 in Windsor,CT and d.12/2/1832 in Niles,NY.Children of Benajah,Jr.and Sarah Brown: Jesse,b.7/1786,Hartford,d.2/15/1835 in Niles,NY;Benajah III,b.1/31/1787, Hartford,CT,d.1/30/1864,Ripley Co.,Indiana;Sally,b.1789,Hatford,CT,m.Samuel Robinson;Issac B.,b,1793 in windsor,CT,d.12/7/1860,Cussewago Township,Crawford,PA;
Chole,b.8/15/1794 in Hartford,CT,d.4/5/1861 in Moravia,Cayuga Co.,NY;Asa,b.1796,
Johnstown,Montgomery Co.,NY,d.in PA;Caleb,b.11/1798 in Johnstown,d.1/6/1837; Phoebe,b.3/7/1804 in Mayfield,Montogomery Co.,NY,d.12/12/1885 in Ontario,Wayne Co.,NY; Nancy J.,b.1806,Mayfield,NY.Jesse was b.3/22/1760; his first wife was names Phoebe Wilbur; after her death, he married Catherine Huff,widow of Samuel Huff, on 12/15/1828; the minister was Richard Buckingham; Jessie died 1848 and is buried in the Barnett burial ground abouve Alleghany Spring; Jesse’s will is listed in Will Book 8,page 7, Montogomery Co., VA, courthouse and names the following children for Jessee and Phoebe:Freeborn; David;John,b.abt.1798,m.Sally Pate,d/o Pauline M Hall (b.
10/29/1835,d.5/16/1915)and Henry L.Smirh (10/16/1833,d.2/17/1902):and

Asa(7) Hall,Sr.,(Benajah(6),Joseph(5),James(4),Henry(3),John(2),John(1)),b.1758,
Westerly,Washington,RI;d.3/6/1841 (another source says 2/13/1841)in Montgomery Co.,VA

Asa(8) Hall,Jr.,(Asa,Sr.(7)Benajah(6),Joseph(5),James(4),Henry(3),John(2),John(1)),b.
10/12/1790,d.4/18/1863 at Willow Spring (Christiansburg,VA)known then as Stoney Battery and is buried on the farm where his son Thomas Bennett lived and died(Hylton Farm/Catalpha Hall); married Martha Crandall (b.5/18/1792,d.1863)on 2/23/1813.

Thomas Bennett(9) Hall,(Asa,Jr.(8),Asa,Sr.(7),Benajah(6),Joseph(5),James(4),Henry(3),
John(2),John(1)),b.4/17/1821,d.2/17/1885 in Montgomery Co.,VA;married Catherine Lucas
(b.1829)on 4/13/1843.

Joseph Darius(10) Hall, (Thomas Bennett(9),Asa,Jr.(8),Asa,Sr.(7),Benajah(6),Joseph(5),
James(4),Henry(3),John(2),John(1)),b.8/4/1855,d.9/6/1931 in Montgomery C.; married
Mary Alice Gibson (b.8/13/1859) on 8/18/1878.

William Senator(11) Hall,(Joseph Darius(10),Thomas Bennett(9),Asa,Jr.(8),Asa,Sr.(7),
Benajah(6),Joseph(5),James(4),Henry(3),John(2),John(1)),b.2/14/1884 in Rural Retreat,VA, d.11/24/1966 in Montgomery Co.; married Margaret Ellen Einstein (b.9/28/1883 in Pulaski Co., VA,d.10/16/1966)on 5/17/05

Robert Stanley(12)Hall,(William Senator(11) Hall,(Joseph Darius(10),Thomas Bennett(9),Asa,Jr. (8),Asa,Sr. (7),Benajah(6),Joseph(5),James(4),Henry(3),John(2),John(1)),b.6/10/1914 near Whitehall in Albermarle Co., VA,d.10/11/1992 in Chattanooga, TN; married Helen Elizabeth Skillman(b.5/9/1914,d8/13/2003 in Chattanooga,TN) on 7/29/1939.

Barry Lee(13)Hall,Robert Stanley(12)Hall,(William Senator(11) Hall,(Joseph Darius(10),Thomas Bennett(9),Asa,Jr.(8),Asa,Sr. 7), Benajah(6),Joseph(5),James(4),Henry(3),John(2),John(1)),
b.5/21/42 in Waynesboro,VA

Robert Tyler(14) Hall and Kathryn Hall Buszka(14),(Barry Lee(13)Hall,Robert Stanley(12)Hall,(William Senator(11) Hall,(Joseph Darius(10),Thomas Bennett(9),Asa,Jr.(8),Asa,Sr.(7),Benajah(6),Joseph(5),James(4), Henry(3),John(2),John(1)),b.6/21/1982 and b.7/9/87 in Chattanooga,TN.

Robert Aaron(15)Hall,b.12/31/2013 in Nashville, TN

Avery Haynes (15)Buszka,b.10/12/14 in Nashville, TN

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